About Me

How it All Started…

My passion for drones and aerial photography started with a drone that I got for $50. It was just a little toy that I bought to play with my 4-year-old son; who just loves cool stuff; you cannot believe how excited he was when he first saw it fly. We started learning how to fly it together actually, now he loves making it “frog jump” up and down to make his little sister laugh!

However, before that let me tell you a bit more about myself. I am an architect by profession. So I design and build houses, commercial buildings and all kinds of different buildings and landscapes. I am also a photographer by passion. I love my canon DSLR. And I love taking pictures with it. And I am soo in love with travel! So photography kind of helps with my work, because I have to take a lot of pictures of the construction sites during and after construction.

Those pictures were perfectly fine with the SLR camera and even those pictures taken by my mobile phone delivered what was needed from them, which is to show the clients and the contractors what’s done and what needs to be done. Until one day it hit me, why not use the drone to take photos and videos of the construction sites that I am working on?! And that aha moment worked out pretty well.

And so it begins…

It was a case of not knowing what I was actually missing. Both clients and coworkers enjoy the fresh perspective of an aerial photo and the wow factor of an aerial video cannot be overestimated.

The quadcopter helped me take some awesome photos of not just construction sites but all sorts of stuff and locations. This little thing has become somewhat of a sidekick for me, both for fun and work. Of course, I did not stick with the old drone now I play around with all the latest flying toys and it has been LOTS of fun. As they say, if you do not like what you do, do what you like J

Of course, my wife does not understand why I NEED to get that latest DJI drone but what wife does!

So now, I enjoy taking my toy on my trips and to the construction site and my clients just love the aerial photos of their projects. And of Course, my little boy loves playing with drones, just like daddy!

Next step I am looking into is possibly doing some commercial photography and videography using the drones. Even much more advanced and technical stuff can be done using these little professional toys, things like geo mapping and land surveys can be done easily and cheaply, the possibilities are endless and I see a huge potential in doing what I love. And maybe I can justify to the wife that these are indeed business expenses after all…

I would love to hear from you guys…

See you out there!

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