20-year-old Drone Photographer Turns Coastline Into Stunning Art That Makes You Want To Fly

Throw away your holiday snaps and deactivate your aspirational Pinterest boards, because Australian man Gabriel Scanu has shut down the photography game.

The 20-year old uses drones to capture some of the most amazing aerial photographs your eyes have ever seen.

Showcasing the beauty of Australia’s coastline and now travelling regularly, Scanu’s photographs depict the gorgeous contrasts where land meets the ocean

“The thing I love most about drone photography is the fact that you can capture scenes from a perspective that they are never usually viewed from,” Scanu told Wired.

Scenic composition is in the photographer’s DNA, with Scanu telling From Where I Drone that his father Viv, a cinematographer, introduced him to the art capturing real life on film, all at the tender age of 12.


Image Copyright of www.gabscanu.com

Gabriel Yee

Gabriel Yee

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Gabriel Yee
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